God Is…Always

People come & go. Sometimes they behave, and sometimes – not so much. As much as we may promise to “be there” we sometimes fail; after all we’re only human. But God on the other hand is not human. So we take his promises to be always true. The Scriptures tell us that God cannot violate his character, that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. Therefore, God is who God is…all the time.

With that being said let’s take a quick look at Psalm 46. The descendants of Korah wrote this Psalm of praise. In these eleven verses the Psalmist asks us to stop and think three times (verses 3,7 & 11). There is much to ponder in these verses.

The Psalmist declares that God is our REFUGE, REFRESHMENT & REST and he is RELENTLESS in pursuing his plan & purpose in earth.

The Psalm begins with a statement that God is our refuge & strength. In other words he is our offense & defense. As a refuge he defends us with protection and as our strength he fights for us – offense. No matter what comes our way the unchanging God is our refuge & strength.

Next we find that God is like a flowing river or bubbling spring that gives life through refreshing water. This water comes from inside his city – the City of God – that can’t be destroyed. And in case you have forgotten the God who fights for us and is our fortress is always with us…so think about that.

Finally, the hardest thing for many of us is finding rest in God. Not because he doesn’t provide rest but because to find it we need to be still. We live in a fast-paced world that doesn’t put a premium on rest. In fact many of us are so busy that we are sleep deprived. So being still in times of crisis is not high on our list of priorities.

However, it is when we stop and listen for the still, small voice that God speaks with; that we will be reminded that the God of the Angel Armies is among us.

Sunday Songs

A Mighty Fortress – Jesus Culture

I Shall Not Want – Audrey Assad

We Will Not Be Shaken – Bethel

Surrounded – Michael W. Smith


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