Great Expectations

Have you ever been let down by a friend? Have you ever felt abandoned in a time of need? If you are a member of the human race the answer is yes. Sometimes the other person dropped the ball, but there are times when our expectations for them were unrealistic. For instance, we can have a good time with friends but we can’t expect them to provide true happiness for us.  Doctors can make us better with proper treatment, but they can’t cause us to live pain and illness free forever.

On what is now referred to as Palm Sunday the people in Jerusalem were expecting Jesus to be a conquering warrior who as their King would overthrow the Roman Empire. These were incorrect expectations because God had other plans. So what are realistic expectations of God in relation to our lives?

According to Psalm 40, David’s expectations were wrapped-up in his understanding of God and went a long way in determining his level of contentment. Let’s take a quick look.

At the outset David clearly states that he expects God to guard him and provide a place of refuge. He also expects that God will be in charge and provide things that are good. Finally, part way through the Psalm David expects that God will instruct him and guide him so well that he will know what is right even in the depths of his heart…at night.

Why does David expect these things? His understanding of God is that if he seeks refuge in God, God will provide. He acknowledges God is in charge, therefore he expects God to guide, influence and provide.

However, the key to this all working is that David is content with what God provides and where he leads. He doesn’t expect God to keep him from all of life’s hardships, but he does expect that God will not abandon him. This contentment leads to an inner peace, a glad heart and a rejoicing spirit. In other words, a life that finds joy today and has hope for tomorrow.

Those are great expectations but not unrealistic ones.

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