Walking Along, Singing A Song

If we walk along and hear someone humming, whistling or singing we may assume they’re having a good day…or are a least they’re in a good mood. There’s just something about having a tune rattling around in our head that can lift our spirits. But sometimes it’s our circumstances that change, for the better, and that change causes us to sing. That’s the case with King David in Psalm 40.

In this Psalm David is praying – apparently for a long time. His patience pays off because the Lord hears his cry, pulls him out of the pit and puts him on some solid ground. Then for good measure God puts his arm around David and steadies him as he walks. All this gives David a new song to sing.

But the new tune is not the end of the story. There is a friendship and a process we see unfolding in this Psalm, as the relationship between David and God deepens. The process goes something like this; patience leads to joy, joy leads to obedience, obedience leads to intimacy and intimacy leads to freedom.  Let’s take a look.

As the Psalm begins David is praying – for a good while (patience). Waiting on the Lord brings a result of joy. David specifically mentions that there is joy in trusting the Lord and that when he stops to think about it the list of things God has done is incredibly long (result is joy).

This joy and remembrance makes it easier for David to follow God’s will (obedience). He loves following the way of God and is close enough to him that the instructions of God are written on his heart. David knows, from the inside out, the way God wants him to live (intimacy).

Being this close to the heart of God reminds David of their relationship. David is poor and needy and God is his helper and redeemer…and the redeemer sets him free (freedom)! The song of freedom is a joyous anthem when it resides in the heart.

Musical Call to Worship & Benediction from Sunday 3/11/18

“40” by U2 – live in Chicago

“My Deliverer” Rich Mullins

Songs we sang last Sunday – 3/11/18

“Here’s My Heart Lord” – Passion

“How Great Is Our God” – Chris Tomlin

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