Immense Yet Intimate

In our world today we are used to huge corporations that treat us as a number not a name. It often seems that our Social Security number and date of birth are more important than our name – even if we give first, last & middle initial. So imagine the difference when a ginormous God expresses a desire to relate to you personally. He not only knows your name, but the Scriptures tell us that he knows how many days you’ll live and how many hairs are on your head.

It’s this intimate personal relationship with an immense God that we see in the words of Psalm 19. If we divide it into three movements we see the Psalmist; 1 – Accepting the Presence of God, 2 – Accepting the Precepts of God and 3 – Accepting that He Pleases God. Let’s take a look.

Accepting the Presence of God – David gushes about the universe around him. He declares it to be beautiful ,expansive, creative, reliable, all-encompassing, powerful and influential. For David, what he see tells him a great deal about God and determines his relationship with the Almighty.

Accepting the Precepts of God – David speaks in a similar fashion about the laws of God. He doesn’t see them as confining or restricting, rather he says they bring joy to his life. He says these precepts as reliable, just, fair, pure, lasting, valuable, unchanging and perfect while preserving him as a loving servant of God. To David the laws are as brilliant as the heavens he observed from his palace.

Accepting that I Please God – David realizes that he isn’t perfect but his desire is to be pleasing to God with his thoughts and actions. He asks God to keep him from deliberate sin. Believing that we can bring pleasure to God is huge but it’s even greater if we understand that God finds pleasure in us.

Many know John 3:16, “For God so loved the world…”. But we may know it so well that we don’t really KNOW it. That’s why I love the following statement made by Jesus – twice, “Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” The center of that statement may contain the best five words in all of Scripture, “AS I HAVE LOVED YOU.” Believe it, live it and love it.

Psalm 19 Meditation

Music from Sunday 3/4/18

Come As You Are – Crowder

Cornerstone – Hillsong

We Fall Down – Chris Tomlin

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