Honesty Is the Best Policy

Do you believe that God is all-knowing? Does that mean that he knows what you are thinking? If you answered yes then I have another question for you, “Have you every lied when you pray?” Most of us have. We tell God what we think he wants to hear or what we think we are supposed to say – not what’s really in our heart and on our mind. But why? If he already knows, why not just be honest?

In Psalm 25 David says some honest things about God and to God. He lays bare his fears and hurts. He starts with a statement/request we can all relate to, “Please don’t let me be humiliated.” None of us wants to look bad in front of others, not even the mighty King Of Israel.

We need to be honest and ask God for what we really want, even if it turns out to not be what’s best  – our honesty gets the conversation started. When we tell God the desires of our heart it reveals where we are in life and in our relationship  with Him.

Of course once we ask we have to stop, step back and wait so we can listen for a reply. David followed-up his request with another that is a key to growing into a more Jesus-like person. He says, “Make me understand your ways, teach me your paths, guide me into your truth and teach me.” You see, when we go to God with our list of requests we need to be ready to have our heart and our desires changed. What David asked for is a process, it takes time and requires serious change.

The process is helped if we understand that the God to whom we pray is unchanging and his character is perfect. He is holy, just, loving, merciful and compassionate and that’s just the beginning of a long list of characteristics that let us know who God is. Knowing who He is means that we know what he does, because God does not violate his character.

One other thing, we need to ascribe to God the praise and adoration that is His alone. When we talk to God it’s important to speak out to Him what is true about Him. This act of worship reminds us of our human nature and his divine nature.

Finally, let David’s closing words to His God wash over you and be the strength and guide for your daily living.  “May integrity and godliness protect me, for I rely on You!”

Meditation from Psalm 25

Psalm 25

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