When You Feel Forgotten or Insignificant

Do you ever feel lost or alone? Are there times when you feel as though even God is ignoring you? Most of us have days like that – sometimes even weeks or months, so how do we deal?

According to the ancient King, David we need a change of perspective. For him it’s starts with God and continues on to how we view ourselves and our place in the universe.

David starts by acknowledging God’s self-sufficiency, power, place of authority and royal designation. He takes the time, perhaps after enjoying an evening of star-gazing, to admire God’s handiwork in the heavens. He sees it as vast, great and beautiful.

Then the King poses the question, “Why does this macro-magnificent God worry and care about us, mini-ordinary people?” The answer is that God doesn’t see us as ordinary. God views us as just a tiny-bit lower than the angels, an idea that was reinforced when Jesus took on flesh and was also referred to as a little lower than the angels. Think about it; not just a little better than the rest of the living beings on the face of the earth, rather we are just slightly less impressive than the heavenly beings. In fact the psalmist goes on to say that we are crowned with glory and honor. Does that sound like people lost on the back forty forgotten by the owner of the land?

God has designed us to be glorious beings and has entrusted us with the care of all creation. Now that’s a lofty description and some significant responsibility. You are important and you have a purpose, a bigtime job of being a steward of all we can see.

So remember, start and end with praising God and in between know that you are special in the eyes of your heavenly Father.

Songs from the past Sunday Gathering:

Come As You Are – David Crowder

10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

Our God – Chris Tomlin

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