When The World Is Falling Apart

Most of us would agree that our world is in a bit of a mess. There are certainly good folks trying their best to affect change for the better, but it seems as though the bad actions of others are more powerful. Then if you add in famine, drought, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, mudslides and more it makes you just want to throw your hands up in despair. So what do you do? Where do you turn?

In Psalm 2 we are told of a time when nations, kings and powerful people where trying to go against the laws of God. They resisted because the Law of God (love God, love your neighbor and love yourself) named their desire for power and greed – WRONG!

The Psalmist tells us that God finds it amusing that these rebellious folks think they know better than him. They think that they are self-sufficient. The problem is that our self-sufficiency has limits. Eventually we run into a more powerful force or come against a circumstance over which we have no control. We can eat well, exercise and do all we know to do so that we can live a vibrant, healthy life – and to a certain degree that works. BUT, sometimes cancer or some other disease comes out of left-field and try as we might we can’t stop it.  Then what do you do?

You can strike out at others, find someone to blame, get good and angry; or you can find refuge in God. That’s the answer for the Psalmist. When we find refuge in the Lord we spend time with him and if we are paying attention we begin to imitate his ways. You know, things like; turn the other cheek, love your enemies, help the marginalized, treat everyone equally and fairly, etc, etc. Now that kind of living could change our world…for the better.

Here’s the links to the songs we sang on Sunday.

All My Hope – David Crowder

Mention of Your Name – Jenn & Brian Johnson

His Name Shall Be – Matt Redman

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